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The Live Journal Constitution keeps track of Buffy the vampire slayer, Angel the Series, and Veronica Mars RPG's. A post will be made daily so that members of each of these fandoms can follow games that they are not a part of.

This community is a supplement to the rpg_herald. We will still post when they are back up and running, only we will not include ads or news. It is simply about the posts here.

When the journal was created, only communities with posts done in the past two months were added, but please, if your game has been on hiatus, or you plan to start it back up again, by all means, comment under the latest post and we will add your game.

We can be reached via email at the following addresses:
aaron echolls, abby morgan, abel koontz, adam, alcathla, alexander harris, alicia fennel, amelia delongpre, amy, ancient texts, and zoooooo much more, andie mcphee, andrew wells, angel, angel the series, angelus, anne steele, anya, april van lowe, arashmahar, beaver casablancas, ben, bessie, bikers, buffy summers, bug people, cape cod, celeste kane, charles gunn, chris wolf, cindy mackenzie, clarence weidman, cliff, communities, connor reilly, cordelia chase, creeks, darla, dawn summers, dawson leery, dawson's creek the series, demons, dick casablancas, don lamb, douglas witter, drusilla, duncan kane, eli navarro, elizabeth, filmmaking, gia goodman, glory, gods, grams, hannah, harmony, hell dimensions, holtz, homosexuality, hyena's, incubi, jack mcphee, jackie cook, jake kane, james, jenn lindley, jenny calendar, johnathan levinson, josephine potter, keith mars, kendall casablancas, larry, leo d'amato, lilly kane, lindsey mcdonald, linwood murrow, logan echolls, los angeles, lynn echolls, mac, madison sinclair, magics, mars investigations, meg manning, mitch leery. gail leery, mystical things, neptune, neptune high, oz, pacey witter, pcher's 09er's, penn, piz, principal flutie, principal snyder, prophecies, riley finn, robots, role-playing, role-playing games, romance, rupert giles, sacks, sex, shajhan, sheriff, skip, slash, spike, succubi, tara, teen angst, teen romance, terrence cook, the beast, the fitzpatricks, the god illyria, the hellmouth, the hyperion, the key, the master, the mayor, the streets, the watcher's diaries, trina echolls, vampire harmony, vengeance demons, veronica, veronica mars, vinnie van lowe, wallce fennel, warlocks, warren mears, watchers, weevil, werewolves, wesley wyndham-pryce, wiccans, william the bloody, willow rosenberg, winifred burkle, witches, wolfram and hart, woody goodman, writing