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The Live Journal Constitution For Sunday, January 28th - The Live Journal Constitution [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Live Journal Constitution

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The Live Journal Constitution For Sunday, January 28th [Jan. 28th, 2007|06:11 pm]
The Live Journal Constitution


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Buffy and Angel RPGS-New Posts
huntedmerciless by blondeandstrong [Open For Faith and Justin]
huntedmerciless by viciousxbitch [Open For Lindsey]
huntedmerciless by vmp_leonardo [Open For Jada]
huntedmerciless by shanshu_angel [Open For Spike, Cordy and Connor]
thepowerplayers by shanshu_angel [Open For Faith, Ilona and The Immortal]
thepowerplayers by curioussidekick [Open For Giles and The Eternal]
thepowerplayers by chosen_warrior [Open For Connor]
play_back by _keep_me [Open For Wesley]
destinyspath [Fred/Giles/Wesley/Willow]
_shadesofgrey_ by _gunn_charles_ [Open For Cordy]
_shadesofgrey_ by watcher_pryce [Open For Buffy]
thepowerplayers by pryce_less [Open For Illyria]
thepowerplayers by railroad_spike [Open For Buffy]
thepowerplayers by powerless_scoob [Open For Dawn and Andrew]
thepowerplayers by loaded_gunn [Open For Cordy]
thepowerplayers by exotic_monique [Open For Leah]
thepowerplayers by harmonyxkendall [Open For Fangdan]
thepowerplayers by rory_the_rage [Open For Chelsea]
thepowerplayers by ethicallydevoid
play_back by rogue_lawyer [Open For Eve]
clueless_haunt [Cordy/Wesley]
futureunleashed by burnedbythefire [Open For Xander and Chayse]
only_beginning [Angel/Wesley]
seize_thenight by messiah_me [Open]
seize_thenight by yammerer_willow [Open For Faith]
fall_down_here [Buffy/Giles]
why_we_fight_ by imaprophecyboy [Young Connor Open For Young Fred]
can_we_rest by julie_harris [Open For Willow, Xander and Giles]
can_we_rest by colorxmexevil [Open For Wesley and Barbara]
can_we_rest by badass__buffy [Open For Spike, Faith, Riley, Dru and Harmony]
play_back by slayful_buffy [Open For Spike]